Some background on Scrumptious Scran

After years of threatening to set up a blog as a means of sharing my passion about food and drink, I’ve finally got round to establishing Scrumptious Scran. “But why another (Edinburgh) food blog”, you may ask?

Well, anyone who knows me will be aware that I love food and drink. It doesn’t necessarily have to be sophisticated fare. What, for example, can compare to an egg, bacon and mushroom sandwich on sourdough bread, accompanied by a decent cup of coffee, as a means to kick off a Sunday morning? But it has to be flavoursome and put together with care, attention and – hopefully – some passion.

Ideally, I also like the food I cook and eat to be seasonal, and sourced as locally as possible. I’m realistic, however, and know that it isn’t always possible to do a complete weekly shop at a farmers’ market.

As I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland expect a lot of the food and drink I blog about to have Scottish connections, although I will cover things further afield when I get the chance.

My intention is for the blog to be a mixture of updates on how I’ve been ‘engaging’ with food and drink, including:

  • What I have been buying, and where from.
  • The recipes I have been rustling up in the kitchen at Scrumptious Scran Towers.
  • The restaurants, cafés and bars I have enjoyed (or even, not enjoyed).
  • The books, magazines and other blogs that have influenced my culinary perspective.

And, given the fact that it is nigh on impossible for one person to keep abreast of all the latest gastronomic developments, I will certainly be welcoming suggestions of any bars, restaurants or products that might be worthy of a feature in the blog.  You can email me on:


Hope you like what you read at Scrumptious Scran, and please do let me know what you think.

Slanj’-uh va and bon appetit!

Chris Berry

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