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Scrumptious Scran’s November 2017 Monthly Foodie Update

Vintage Vibes Cosy Cupcake
Delicious Vintage Vibes Cosy Cupcakes, raising funds for a good cause.

Late autumn is always a busy time of the year for food and drink-related activity, as we zip towards the festive season, and there’s been a lot going on in Edinburgh of late.  So here’s a wee monthly update of what’s new and what’s happening that might be of interest to foodies in and around Scotland’s capital.

Edinburgh Craft Beer Revolution Festival returns

There is no denying that there has been a revolution – see what I did there?! – or some might even say an explosion in craft beer production and consumption in the UK over the past decade.  Reversing years of brewery consolidation, in 2016 alone some 300 new breweries opened, taking the total to over 2000.

Personally speaking, I think this is thing of wonder.  So if, like me, you are a lover of craft beer too you will certainly be delighted to hear that Edinburgh’s celebration of artisan ales that is the Craft Beer Revolution festival is returning for another year.  Taking over the Assembly Roxy from 23 to 25 November, the festival features 60 beers on tap originating not only from Scotland – such as the lovely ales produced by the likes of Alchemy, Pilot, and Fierce Beer – but brews from Wales, Ireland and across Europe, such as the terrific, Berlin-based Stone Brewing.
For those not keen on beer – I mean, really! – there is also a range of ciders, wines and cocktails to sample, as well as scrumptious selection of street food to ensure the stomachs of those supping are thoroughly lined. What’s not to like, frankly?

Loco Diablo’s new arrival and changing menus at La Favorita

Sometimes the changing seasons are mirrored by a revision in the culinary landscape.  This is certainly true of Edinburgh at present.  As the weather turns chilly, chilli also arrives on the menu in the capital’s Southside.  For what used to be the real ale combined with BBQ – though not in the same glass, obviously – joint that was Clerk’s Bar has metamorphosed into a tequileria that is now Diablo Loco.
Mexican food and drink seems to be very much in vogue at the moment, and according to the publicity it would seem that Diablo Loco doesn’t disappoint in this respect, boasting a myriad of tequilas and mezcals.  These assumingly get incorporated into the intriguing selection of Margaritas on offer, ranging from those flavoured with smoked paprika to ones featuring pineapple and cardamom, which sounds delicious.  A concise menu of traditional classic Mexican dishes and street food is also on offer, to ensure all that tequila doesn’t result in punters becoming too ‘loco’.  I hope to visit soon!

All too often Friday nights in Scrumptious Scran Villas follow a familiar script.  Me: “I know I said I would cook tonight, but it’s been a frenetic week at work, and all the ingredients will keep until tomorrow night.”  JML: “You want a La Favorita, don’t you?”  Me: “Am I that transparent?”  JML: “Yes… do you want your usual?”

Except, things have become a bit ‘unusual’ when it comes to our favourite purveyors of Italian scran – whether takeaway or dining at La Favortia’s smashing sit in restaurant on Leith Walk. So I was gutted to have recently been invited to the launch of the restaurant’s new menu, only to be unable to attend as a result of work commitments.  La Favorita’s new offering focuses on ‘the best pizza in Scotland’ as well as including a new range of pasta and vegan dishes.  Fear not if you want to learn more however, as even if I wasn’t able to try the new menu in person, top notch Scottish food bloggers Boys Eat Scotland were, and you can read their excellent assessment of the new menu here.

Cupcakes supporting a festive Vintage Vibe

The festive season is nearly upon us once again. Yet did you know at this time of supposed coming together Edinburgh is the loneliest city in the UK for people over 60, with 11,000 being always alone and two in five only having their TV for company this Christmas period?

Vintage Vibes is a city-wide Edinburgh project that sets out to tackle such loneliness amongst senior members of our society by inviting folk to reconnect VIPs (lonely over 60s) who are isolated with their communities by sending them Vintage Vibes Christmas cards.  This smashing initiative is being supported by Cuckoo’s Bakery not only through stocking said cards in their Dundas Street and Bruntsfield Place branches, but through also producing a dedicated ‘Vintage Vibes Cosy Cupcake’, which will directly raise funds for the charity.  Scoff a cupcake, send a card, help re-connect our communities. Food, friendship, festivities. It’s good to share!

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    EdinBraw - The Best of Edinburgh
    November 27, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    Great update Chris! It's tough to keeping up with Edinburgh's ever changing food and drink scene. We'll be checking out Diablo Loco sometime soon, intrigued to see if they can win me over, tequila does not make me happy. We're usually in the same boat for La Favorita too, we'll find any excuse to gorge on their delicious pizzas.

  • Reply
    Chris Berry
    November 28, 2017 at 12:19 pm

    Thank you! Certainly is a lot going on in our city in terms of food and drink and agree it can sometimes be tricky to keep a handle on what's happening. Am looking forward to visiting Diablo Loco too, as I do love a frozen Margarita, so long as they don't result in "brain freeze" which has been known to happen on occasion…

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